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Forward > Blog > 11 Web Design Tips in Creating a Winning Website
posted by Ryan Magallanes

11 Web Design Tips in Creating a Winning Website

9 July 2013

11 Web Design Tips in Creating a Winning Website - Forward Solutions

A website is the non-sleeping marketing agent of a business; accessible to millions of viewers across different time zones. For a business website, the most important thing is to attract potential clients, convert them and make a sale. Creating a website requires a certain skill-set in order to ensure that its potential is maximized. To be more precise, it is the job of a web designer or a web developer to build high conversion webpages and direct their clients to the right direction; however, knowing at least the basics of web design and development will help you plan and strategize the development of a winning website for your company.

Listed below are the things that you should take note when talking about creating a website:

1.  Strategize how the content and structure will work together. The structure and layout of the website are important to make sure that it is user-friendly and directs attention to the action

2.  Ensure that the load time is up to the minimum. Never let your site visitors wait for the website to load by optimizing your graphics.

3.  Validate your HTML and CSS codes to make sure that the page will load consistently and accurately across different browsing platforms.

4.  Make sure that the site works without the www prefix (use redirection) so that user will not end up at a dead page.

5.  Choose a consistent color scheme, preferably one that reflects your branding. Make sure that the text contrasts the background or is easily legible.

6.  Make the navigation easy for visitors to easily move around your site.

7. Do not put excessive advertisements and place these advertisements in strategic areas as some visitors may find it annoying and it’ll ruin customer experience.

8.  Avoid publishing long content. Visitors will lose interest in your content if you do not break it for easy reading. Words matter so keep them short and straight to the point.

9.  Keyword stuffing is also a no-no! Search engines are getting smarter — not only will your content be read poorly but you will be penalized (your site will not be easily found in search engine results pages) for stuffing keywords many times into each paragraph. Put keywords where they fit.

10.  Don’t use special features that will require users to download plug-ins to view your site. Make your website as easy to use, interesting and relevant as possible.

11.  Don’t ignore the responsive design approach. Smartphones, tablets and mobile users grew four folds over the years; it’s high time that you optimize your website to fit to all browsing platforms.

These are just a few tips on how to maximize your website’s potential. Do you have additional tips? Feel free to drop us a line.



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