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posted by Forward Solutions

2013: The Future of SEO Philippines

6 February 2013

SEO Philippines 2013


Google, through its algorithm update, is trying to improve relevance of search results for its users by preventing websites with low-quality content and those with spam backlinks to rank high in Google search results. After the Penguin update, fourteen (14) Panda updates and other changes to its algorithm, what should business owners expect from Google and SEO services? How will this impact the growth of SEO in the Philippines?

Many businesses already formulated their SEO strategy months ago and no one was given a heads up about these algorithm updates. I have read several articles outlining SEO predictions for 2013, but have you considered the possible changes and updates that 2013 may bring to your SEO strategy? Many businesses globally are outsourcing SEO in the Philippines, mainly because of the low cost of labor with high quality output. Google’s algorithm updates make a big difference on how everyone, including Filipinos, do SEO services, but I remain positive that the Filipinos can easily adapt to changes since they are generally willing to learn new things. To adjust to the changes, new strategies and planning for SEO are the first order of the day;  Because of the unexpected Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, SEO companies in the Philippines are now more cautious with their SEO plan. According to some SEO experts, creating quality content and a user-friendly website is still important for on-page optimization. SEO companies in the Philippines have also integrated blogging, press releases and social media as part of the campaign. SEO services will continue to be important for online businesses and 2013 is still a good year expecting continued growth for SEO in the Philippines.


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