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2013: Top 5 SEO Tips for Content

20 February 2013

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SEO is changing fast and Google’s algorithm is trying to outsmart SEO to decrease its effectiveness in manipulating search results. Google’s recent updates make us aware of this, and so, SEOs are now more cautious about the strategies they are implementing. Implementing previously effective SEO techniques can now make your website either penalized or have a low ranking. It is important that you are updated in Google’s algorithm before you campaign your website online.

Here are 5 SEO tips that can help your website rank on top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages):

1.     Check the Content of your Website

Evaluate the content of your website and ensure that you have higher quality content than your competitors. Valuable, unique and informative content is always important in SEO–make sure your visitors find your content relevant and love the pages they see and these might eventually compel them to share it with others.

2.     Check your Site Structure

A good hierarchical web structure will help Google’s robots crawl your pages easily. It will make your website become user-friendly too if you provide clear navigation for every page. Remember that clean and organized site architecture will make both search engines and website visitors have a good user experience on your website; which is becoming more and more weighty in Google’s new algorithm.

3.     Check your Website Snippet in Search Results

Title and Meta Description tags play an important role in SEO when it comes to search results. These are displayed in the search results as a snippet of your website, so writing a relevant and informative title and description will more likely compel users to realize you have the information they need and visit your website.

4.     Make your Website Available for Mobile Search

More and more people are now using their mobile devices to access the internet. In fact, it was predicted that in 2014, mobile will overcome desktop in terms of internet usage.  If you have a sleek site, but no version for mobile devices, expect your website to have a low ranking because Google is expected to take user experience of your website visitors in their mobile phones into account.

5.     Include Social Sharing in your Website

As people spend more and more time visiting social media websites, integrating social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to your site has become more imperative. These tools make it easy for your website visitors to stay in touch with your brand and share your content with their social networks. Make sure to include this in your strategy to be able to market your brand and content to your target audience more effectively and eventually become more relevant to a wider range of audiences


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