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UNDP’s Gender Mainstreaming Made Easy eLearning Tool Now Live!

October 20, 2017

The Slovakia-based United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a development organization whose mission is to improve lives of men and women, launches its new eLearning Portal, which aims to promote gender equality for men and women at work and other organizations so that both can have equal opportunity, can actively participate in activities, and can benefit from equal outcome.

Our team of web designers and developers worked together to come up with a user-friendly website that features animations strategically- and artistically- designed to engage users and explain concepts on gender inclusion in development projects practically and effectively. The website is a comprehensive learning platform that provides relevant information on ways to compensate and address the differences of men and women in terms of needs, interests, and experiences, among others, in various programs, activities, and projects.

Website navigation is relatively easy because of the recorded narrations that correspond to different animations, further enhancing learning.

The website also features a streamlined design and a user experience-optimized interface, particularly applied to the short quizzes and resources corner; where users can test how well they’ve understood the lessons and see brief videos that tackle more about gender mainstreaming.

To visit the UNDP Gender Mainstreaming website, click on the following link or copy-paste it to your browser’s address bar:

The UNDP Gender Mainstreaming eLearning Tool is yet another milestone for Forward Solutions, signifying the company’s continuous growth as we expand our services to markets in the Philippines and abroad. We are continually working hard to further improve our web design, web development, digital marketing, and IT consulting services that cater to various companies across different industries. 

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