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posted by Ryan Magallanes

3 Techniques for Better Link Building

14 August 2013

3 techniques for better link building

SEO companies and online marketers have seen an extensive amount of change in the past two years than over the last five years combined when Google released the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. And SEO techniques, particularly link building activities, have also radically changed to cope with the algorithm requirements and gain or maintain high rankings on search engine results pages.

On the brighter side of things, these Google updates allowed websites with quality content to perform better on the rankings while encouraging natural backlinks from social networks and other quality websites. With more focus on content, Google put many black hat SEO techniques, as well as black hat SEO companies, to rest. Overuse of anchor texts, forum spamming, social bookmarks, directories, link farming and other unnatural techniques are no longer capable of performing.

Since most of the traditional methods of link building are no longer working, don’t get outdated by focusing on the following search engine friendly link building techniques:

1.       Guest Blogging Sites
Guest blogging, sometimes referred to as guest posting, is the process of publishing content through another company or person’s blog or website. If you are in contact with an SEO company, this is one of the effective methods they are probably using to build your website’s online reputation as it gives access to new audiences and provides valuable backlink pointing to your site. In order to maximize this method, guest posting should only be done on trusted and well-known sites because linking to blacklisted sites can definitely harm your reputation.

2.       Use Infographics
Nowadays, people are more inclined to look at visually appealing graphics rather than read long, boring texts. If you invest in making images that presents relevant information in an aesthetical way, it is likely to be passed on from person to person or from one site to another. The result would be a sweet link juice continuously refilling as soon as the number of shares increase. It may take time and money to produce a worthwhile infographic but it promises big return of investment in terms of generated links if done right.

3.       Create Quality Content

One of the most effective and proven link building techniques does not involve connecting proactively to other websites at all. Creating quality content refers to publishing highly valuable, original, fresh and relevant content worthy to be shared naturally because the audience finds the content interesting and informative. Once you have established a reputation for making quality contents, engaged users will share it on their social networking profiles, blog about it or even link it to their own website that will add to the links pointed to your site.

Forward Solutions provides SEO services for businesses located in the Philippines as well as abroad.  We guarantee organic visibility of our clients’ website with the use of search engine friendly approaches that promote better search engine rankings and marketing opportunities.


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