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posted by Ryan Magallanes

Blogging Is IMPORTANT To Your Business!

10 July 2013

Blogging Is IMPORTANT To Your Business - Forward Solutions

Blogs can be used in a lot of ways. Before, blogs were used to express one’s opinions or share ideas about a certain subject, commonly when it’s a personal blog. Today, businesses have transformed blogging into a revenue generating medium, or one that helps increase traffic for leads. Although Facebook and Twitter might have dragged people away from blogging, it is still considered an influential tool in the World Wide Web.

Blogging gives inherent value to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, there are thousands of blogs revolving around the World Wide Web galaxy which are not properly optimized; and as a result, these appear like stagnant rocks on the asteroid belt floating without direction and unseen by human eyes.

That’s because many are still not convinced that blogging is a tool that can increase you brand’s visibility on the internet. Creating a strategy to build and grow a blog in the most efficient way requires a lot of planning, which is why some businesses end up dropping the game of updating their blog regularly.

One of the reasons why brands became successful though blogging is because people behind those brands work day after day publishing useful, powerful and attractive blog posts. Another reason why you should invest in blogging is that it is a proven business model; a number of individuals have succeeded in building an online empire because they turned blogging into a profession.

Allow me to share some points why creating and updating your blog consistently can help your business online.

1. Increased credibility
Posting articles about best practices and innovations in your industry gives you credibility and authority over the internet. Let’s say I am looking for someone to fix my laptop and I came across a website that communicates its laptop repair services, but posting nothing more than pictures and contact numbers. Without valuable and relevant content, I would not know if they really know how to fix my problem or not. Blogging about your services will only tell your customers that you are knowledgeable in your field of service.

2. Traffic generated
Users do not use the internet just to hang out in Facebook or Twitter. They reason why search engines are very popular is because the internet is mostly used to find information. If users find the information in your blog interesting and useful, they are likely to return to your website regularly to check for more updates or insights. According to Hubspot, companies with consistently updated blogs get 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links. Blogging also helps increase your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERP).

3. Virality
Good contents engage customers. If they like your content, they are most likely to share it with their social network; especially today that social media is flocked by millions of users and serves as a great online marketing tool. If you are not blogging, you are losing the chance to be shared, be talked about, and be seen by more audiences.

Still not convinced? Here are some distinct benefits that blogging on a regular basis can provide to your company:

• Increased awareness for your brand

• Reputation as a thought leader

• Demonstration of expertise in your field

• Customer engagement

• Client attraction and conversion

• Social signal generation

• Increase in organic traffic

Now that you have read this far, it would not be difficult not to understand why businesses grow exponentially through proper use and maximization of online resources. Go into blogging and see how your business can potentially grow.

Bottom-line, blogging is essentially copy writing. We all know that content is king and the written content rules 2013 and beyond for local and global SEO.


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"Blogging Is IMPORTANT To Your Business!"

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