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FORWARD Solutions

FORWARD is a boutique web solutions company in the Philippines, specializing in web design and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), customized web and mobile applications, and specialized I.T. business consulting.

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posted by Ryan Magallanes

Meet the New Facebook for Business

31 July 2013

If you’re not familiar with how Facebook started, it was initially dubbed as “Facemash” back in 2004; and was designed as a game that allowed visitors to compare pictures of students and let them choose who was “hot or not.” Nine years later, the website was renamed Facebook and overtook the World Wide Web as a social media giant, ousting Friendster, Myspace, and other social media websites,  making the world interconnected as it has now 1.11 billion ac...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Forward Solutions Is Now Member of the Philippine Software Industry Association

30 July 2013

Forward Solutions is the newest addition to the roster of the Philippine Software Industry Association’s (PSIA) software companies in the Philippines.

PSIA was established in 1988 and aims to promote the growth and competitiveness of the Philippine software industry in the global scene. With more than a hundred members ranging from small to medium companies specializingdifferent software development platforms, PSIA is in co...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Introducing: Virtual Guide Powered by Forward Solutions

11 July 2013

 We are proud to introduce Forward Solutions’ Virtual Guide, the all-around online assistant that brings online customer experience to the next level. 

The Virtual Guide is an interactive web application that will change the landscape of online customer experience through its myriad of uses -- it runs through Flash, a cross platform browser based plugin that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive content, applications, and videos across browsers and ope...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Forward Solutions, now a Member of IMMAP

4 July 2013

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of Philippines (IMMAP) welcomed Forward Solutions’ CEO, Marc-Olivier Caillot and Sales and Marketing Manager, Adelle Isah Talavera in the recently held General Membership Meeting at Hard Rock Café in Makati City last July 3, 2013.

Forward Solutions is now a proud member of IMMAP. “As a badge of merit, we will continue to deliver high-quality digital services based on the standa...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Google Zebra: Ecommerce or Social Network?

28 June 2013

We have been hearing many rumors about a mythical creature called Google Zebra. We know how it looks like but nobody is sure yet of what its impact is going to be. Google Zebra created a fuss in online communities, spreading fear among internet savvies and is now considered a threat (though its existence is not yet confirmed). In the fascinating pseudoscience of SEO Cryptozoology, two of what used to be considered as cryptids, are now known to all SEOs alike....