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posted by Forward Solutions

How to Maintain Your Site Rankings with SEO Philippines Guidelines

20 March 2013

SEO Philippines Guide

Search engines like Google constantly change its algorithm; introducing new updates in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and affecting the rankings of several websites – ultimately to bring about more relevant results to users and properly index non-related sources. With these changes, it is important to remain up-to-date on SEO practices and strategies and learn how to adapt to the changes, and implement adjustments to prevent penalization and lower ranking of your website.

As site owners and SEO specialists, it is important to know the implications of the changes and adhere to these to design a successful SEO campaign. Latest strategies can help your website improve and retain visibility in search results; whether your objective be attracting more traffic or converting visitors. The post-Panda and Penguin Google updates left SEO specialists with no choice and kept them on their toes on the adjustments needed to maintain their site’s position.

Here are few guidelines that hopefully can help you improve your ranking despite constant search engine algorithm updates:

Be Creative and Unique

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, uniqueness/originality of the content is one of the most important elements that Google notices in the crawl process. The content can be easily indexed if it is original and doesn’t have duplicates on other websites. Remember to write about interesting and topics; be creative, and think how you can add freshness to your content to differentiate from other sites. Put yourself in the user’s shoes, and think if you yourself will appreciate the content that you’ve produced.

Make your Topic Relevant

Relevance of topic is always important to make your users get the information they want and increases their tendency to come back for more. These articles should also build on your brand as an authority in the service that you provide. As such, whether it be for blog postings, press releases or blog content, do not write about topics that do not fall within your products/services category. Most SEO experts suggest creating a blog, because it gives a feeling that your site is regularly updated and lets your visitors get to know more about you in an authoritative yet somewhat informal way.

Build a Clean Website Structure

Site architecture that adheres to website standards normally features only three (3) levels deep links from the homepage. This is to help make your site simple and organized and easily accessible to search engines’ crawling spiders/bots. Avoid having broken links and make sure to have clear URL names by removing extra parameters to easily locate the webpages. Easy navigation helps spiders/bots in focusing on crawling the content rather than giving them a hard time tracing the web pages. For links deeper than 3 levels, use breadcrumbs–this will also help your users know specifically where they are in your site.

Promote Locally

To promote locally, register your website in Google Places for Business. This service accepts sites that offer local services. Restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other local businesses can take advantage of this to improve their local rankings and get quality reviews about their services/products.


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