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posted by Forward Solutions

Painting the Town with Balls

10 December 2012

Thank god it’s Friday! At Forward Solutions, it’s not all about work. We may know how to work those codes and may revel in our knowledge of the internet’s little secrets but we’re not just your ordinary IT solutions agency. We know when and how to have fun. And by fun, we mean fun – the adrenaline filled, heart pumping type of fun.

It started with work of course. But it wasn’t your typical work day as everyone had to enter the office and march down an invisible red carpet while following the “dress code”. Why a dress code when the only code whatsoever established are those relating to the internet? Well, it was because we wanted to paint the town with balls. Yes, with balls. Paintballs, that is. Rubber shoes, sneakers and pants: an outfit which gave you the power to run and hold that gun out on the field as if you’re an agent from the CIA or MI6. We were all ready. Yes, we, the web development, web design and SEO team in the Philippines, were ready to conquer the Global Gutz field in Taguig.

From the hustle and bustle of EDSA’s traffic up until the paintball field itself, it certainly felt like a battlefield. Even before the game itself, we were in a rush against time. Hailing a cab took forever. Note to whoever wants to paint the town with balls: try calling a cab company to usher you directly to the venue. This ensures that you leave the office early – as you’re scheduled to be picked up at a certain time and of course, it saves you loads of time from hailing a cab.

As we reached Global Gutz, dusk had settled into dark. But we didn’t let that interfere with our eager selves. We wanted to get rough and dirty. We had been waiting for this the whole week: a paintball battle between the sexes. The Global Gutz team gave us ample time to prepare, suit up and of course, lecture us on the dos-and-don’ts of paintball. No doubt, some were scared – some were even shaken by the sound of that first lecture shot – and no doubt as well that some were even mumbling to themselves: “No close range firing, head gear ALWAYS on, right click is safety, left click is ready to shoot…” We then marched to our proper bases and with the sound of the lecturer’s voice saying “Ready!” we, whether first timers or not, gripped our guns tightly and were ready to shoot like there’s no tomorrow.

The game was inexplicably fast. One minute we were hiding, the next second we were crouching, the next dodging “bullets”… Paintball shot here, paintball shot there… and before we knew it, the game came to an end. We wanted more! We needed more! That was certainly one hell of a team building experience.

Happy yet enflamed with the feeling of yearning for more paintball action, we left the field. We had one single thought in mind: that wouldn’t be the last.


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