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posted by Ryan Magallanes

Responsive Web Design – A Must-Have

19 June 2013

Responsive / Adaptive Web Design

Web design best practices have changed rapidly over the years. How a website is laid out, the colors, fonts and images used can bring about massive effects on the success of a business which it represents in the online environment. Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices have further transformed the approach toward user experience and design; this advanced change in web-browsing capabilities challenged web designers and developers to maintain the same look and feel of their websites in various platforms, as much as possible keeping functionality requirements and branding guidelines intact. However, most commonly, website interactions on smartphones and tablets do not provide the same experience as when a website is viewed from a desktop computer. As such, web specialists alike turn to creating their websites using responsive design; adaptive to mobile devices.

Several factors need to be considered before creating websites with Responsive design. Functionalities of devices and other aspects such as click versus touch, screen-size, pixel-resolution, Adobe’s Flash support, optimized markup, among others, can be the crucial factors as they can make or break user experience. How important is responsive design and how can it be employed to positively impact businesses and consumers?

User Experience

Mobile devices will overcome desktop in terms of internet access media, as predicted for 2013. “One Site Fits All Devices” approach is becoming the norm; as it is also most cost-effective to companies and brings about consistency. Content and discoverability may soon be the metrics of success but providing great user experience is still key to giving visitors time to digest the contents of your site through their device of choice and preference, anytime and anywhere. As such, making use of responsive design for your website is relatively similar to giving an optimized experience to your user regardless of what browsing platform and mobile device they are using.

Time and Money

Responsive design may be an expensive offer from other development companies; but some web agencies offer this as a standard service in their web development packages. Investing on responsive design may save a lot of money in the long run since you no longer have to create and maintain different versions of the site. Traditionally, web agencies created a desktop version for standard browsing and another version that can be viewed through mobile devices. In the responsive design however, it is like rolling all the possible versions into one as the design will just fit itself on whatever browsing platform a visitor will use. That is how powerful responsive websites are!

Internet Traffic

Within a period of five years, internet traffic grew fourfold. It is expected that it will grow even higher in the next five years. Based on Google Think Insights, wired devices will account for 35% of internet traffic while mobile devices will have 65% of the share of traffic. This means that nearly more than half of the internet traffic will originate from non-PC devices and overall data traffic are expected to grow twelvefold by the end of 2018. The challenge is to turn that auspicious traffic into revenue, so why not take a leap ahead of your competitors?


  • Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have changed the approach on web design and development.
  • Several factors need to be considered on shifting to responsive design such as mobile device functionality and usability.
  • Responsive design can save money for your company if used properly and effectively.
  • Mobile devices will get a big share of data traffic in the near future.

Don’t get left behind by this emerging standard, having a website with responsive design is within your grasp. Contact us today!


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"Responsive Web Design – A Must-Have"

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