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posted by Ryan Magallanes

SEO in the Philippines – Is Content Marketing the New Link Building?

3 July 2013


SEO in the Philippines evolves together with SEO in the rest in the world. The methods and techniques used are mostly patterned on what experts say, according to their observations and studies, and on algorithm updates of major search engines. SEOs design countless approaches to meet the requirements that search engines consider in their algorithm to provide relevant results to search queries.

Google has recently confirmed that links will always be an important ranking factor in their future algorithm updates. Yes, links are traditionally key to websites’ visibility in SERPs but relevant content is what makes the website popular. Infographics, articles, press releases, blogs, to name a few, are the more common formats of web content. But what many SEO experts tend to disregard and may eventually result in the failure of their campaigns is that they linger too much on stuffing keywords to their content without thinking about what is most interesting to their target market. Instead of exerting effort to establish back links, producing good content that your audience consider relevant will naturally provide back links to a website. Your content may also be beautiful or creative, but as long as your users’ required information is not there, it will be considered irrelevant.

Link Building no more?

The influence of link introduced us to the term “link building”, which is a famous SEO tactic with an objective of gaining links that point back to your website, to gain traffic, relevance and most importantly, ranking in SERPs. Brands abuse link building by creating huge link networks and link farms that link to each other; with no particular relevance. Search engines have addressed this black-hat SEO activity and made adjustments to prevent black-hats from cheating on their algorithms (i.e. Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms), as a result, a number of websites have been penalized for committing such search engine crime and their websites’ rankings have been decreased.

Link building, however, is no longer as effective in boosting your site’s visibility in SERPs. Search engines are pushing SEO practitioners to go back to the basic way of connecting users to relevant, valuable information, and that is to provide great content. If this is attained, then the audience will naturally build links to their network by sharing it in different online media.

Content Marketing is the new King

The methodical way of creating content that targets the increase of brand visibility is called Content Marketing. It is attracting your customers to your brand through social signals signifying that your website is publishing unique, yet relevant information that can build stronger and stable relationships with consumers. Although content marketing may imply or appear to be a resource-intensive, labor and time consuming endeavor, this is a proven approach that can segue way your company’s online success.

This may be a wakeup call to those who are still ignoring the power of content marketing. Many of you may be thinking of investing time on content marketing but do not know where to start, let these few simple tips guide you:

  • Identify your SEO targets and goals – normally, companies who aim and implement activities to appear as the leader and innovator in their industry get the hugest chunk of the readership.
  • Know your target market – research on their demographics, interests, surfing behavior, and the like, to make the content more customized for them.
  • Be creative and strategic in drafting and presenting your content – you can hit two birds with one stone by providing interesting content (i.e. a downloadable document with tips and best practices relating to activities in your industry) to get leads and backlinks.
  • Research on your competitor and collaborate with other writers – continuously improve your content and know how your competitors do their campaigns to generate a comparative advantage.

The quest now is to make killer content that would engage your audience, one that would make them share it socially, blog about it, or link it to their website which creates buzz for your website. Content marketing and link building both have their fair share in the complicated world of search marketing. However, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to adapt to changes or stick to what others consider as an extinct method of search engine optimization. For some, there is no point in differentiating content marketing from link building as they are entirely the same thing. In your opinion, is there a distinction between the two?


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