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posted by Ryan Magallanes

SEO Philippines, Are You Ready For Another Google Update?

28 June 2013

SEO Philippines Are You Ready For Another Google Update

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Webspam Team, enlightened netizens why some search results look spammy. Cutts said via Twitter, “Yup we saw that. Multi-week rollout going on now, from next week all the way to the week after July 4th.”

An update is coming, one that has something to do with a “multi-week” timeframe. Google doesn’t want to clarify if there had been an update on the PayDay algorithm (people complaining about searches like ‘payday loans’ on Google.co.uk) or it might be a softer Panda update (Google’s search results ranking algorithm that aims to penalize low-quality sites). Although Google stopped announcing the updates, SEO specialist and online marketers think that there had been at least one Panda refresh since the last announced update; which makes this upcoming one the 27th update, in case.

Some people think that these are ridiculous updates and that Google is just helping the big players. Google’s traffic has decreased at least 8 percent in the last 3 months;  and for the first time, there was a big boost and a large increase in referrals from DuckDuckGo. Having established its reputation as a privacy search engine, where users can search anonymously, DuckDuckGo claims to be protecting web searchers as it does not record user information. Filter bubbles can be avoided because users are not profiled; thus, it does not always display the same results for a given search keyword.

As much as people would like to see Google having some real competition, many still believe that it is not going to come from DuckDuckGo. In the previous months, Google provided 47.9 percent of the internet traffic and DuckDuckGo only supplied 0.085 percent which means that Google delivered nearly 564 visits for everyone from DuckDuckGo. Search engine conscious people might have been jumping from Google to Bing or to other search engines because they see that Google is becoming way too overrated and strict when it comes to their algorithm updates. But we can’t deny the fact that Google’s influence is already in almost every corner of the World Wide Web.

Cutts also announced at SMX Advanced 2013 that Panda algorithm is still being updated slowly every month. If Google updates on the 4th of July, the impact will be pushed after 10 days or throughout the month and will be typically repeated as a cycle. As such, despite the fact that Google has refrained from announcing any updates to the Panda algorithm, it is observed that this has become more of a rolling update which is pushed out monthly or in a ten day cycle.

So if Google is rolling out a monthly update, make sure that your SEO service providers know how to engineera site’s information structure and content quality based on user intent. What do you think about the update? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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