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posted by Forward Solutions

SEO Philippines is In a Great Demand for Foreign Businesses

25 January 2013

SEO Philippines Outsourcing Agency

Many foreign businesses are now looking for SEO services from the Philippines; and there are several reasons why. Countries like the USA (United States of America), Australia, UK (United Kingdom), and those in Europe, in fact, want to have exclusive partnership with our local outsourcing agencies.

Here are some of the reasons why other countries choose the Philippines for SEO services:

1.  Rampant use of the internet

– Filipinos are very keen on using the internet, it is included in the top 20 countries with the highest user penetration in the world.

2.  English Fluency

– The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world, English-speaking Filipinos have the advantage of choosing more appropriate keywords for SEO and writing content in the English language, which is considered by many as the universal language, at least on the Internet.

3.  High quality of work

– Whether they are in a small or large enterprise, Filipinos generally are very hardworking; they do their best to deliver the best results to their clients.

4.  Labor is more cost-effective

– Since the cost of living is also lower compared to other English-speaking countries, SEO services are definitely less expensive in the Philippines than in other countries.

These days, Web Agencies in the Philippines are in need of a great number of SEO professionals. Some are willing to train fresh graduates with degrees in marketing, computer science, or IT. If you have experience doing SEO, positions available for you are more senior-level. You most preferably have 3 years of working experience in Search Engine Optimization, doing keyword analysis, social media, expert link building, blog postings, forum postings, and the like. If you are a fresh graduate, you may consider working as a link builder, setting up links or posting links to different forums, blogs, directories, etc.

As social networking emerge, new positions are offered for SEO professionals to be part of social media marketing activities, doing activation and engaging users in social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Some of the top outsourcing companies for SEO Philippines are:

  1. Forward Solutions
  2. IConcept SEO
  3. Search OPT Media
  4. MyOptimind
  5. Brown SEO
  6. MaxWeb Inc


SEO Philippines
Internetworldstats Top 20
Newsflavor Philippines 3rd Largest English Speaking Country in the World


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