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SEO Philippines Link Building Techniques 2013

5 March 2013

SEO Philippines Link Building Techniques

SEO experts suggest putting high quality content in your website to get better ranking in search results.  Though this seems like it’s a standard rule for Google algorithm, it is not enough to outrank domains that already have authority. You have to think how your competitors gain domain authority to rank higher in search results; they most probably have backlinks from quality sites, too. To make things understandable, link building is one of the best ways to gain authority, but before you build massive links from other authoritative and quality sites, better check the guidelines first to make it effective for your link building campaign and to prevent your site from spamming around. Think of the recent Penguin updates, and know how to properly set limitations in your link-building techniques:

1.  Limit your Directory Submission

Not all directories have good value, there are some that do nothing but harm your website. Limit the time you spend to search for directories and check if the directories come from a reputable source. It is worth being listed only in those directories that give good value to your site.

2.  Limit the Blog Commenting

It takes time to find a blog post that is relevant to your site, and when you find one you will see that it sometimes has implemented a no follow to your link (a nofollow tag tells search engines not to follow any of the links displayed on the page). This means that it will not pass link juice to your site nor have it counted in the ranking algorithm. Blog commenting is still effective only if you find well-written and relevant blog posts that can give traffic to your site.

3.  Limit the Forum Posting

Most of the forums that allow signature links also implement nofollow tags. Forum moderators have been able to easily ban users that purposely joined just to share their links and it takes time to be able to post links in the thread, some required 20 posts or more. Imagine the time you will spend just to get a single linkback. Our advice — look for reputable forums that have a number of participating members to gain reputation and traffic to your website.

In 2013, it has become clearer that the old methods we used to acquire backlinks to our website have changed. Google will continue to roll countless updates that will have some impact on sites that are not careful with their link building campaign. So, you might ask, what are best tactics for effective and positive link-building? Well, maybe you can consider the following:

1.  Increase Guest Blogging

Choose a great blog relevant to your niche and widen your readership

2.  Create a Blog on your Site / Linkbait

Create interesting topics or ways of presenting information like infographics to attract more readers and establish a more credible reputation.

3.  Link-building Using Social Media

Target the right audience, and use interesting content to easily go viral.

4.  Competitor Backlinks Analysis

Learn from your competitors to get an edge over their techniques.

5.  Localized Link Building

Design your link-building to also target local users so they find you easier and faster.


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