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FORWARD Solutions

FORWARD is a boutique web solutions company in the Philippines, specializing in web design and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), customized web and mobile applications, and specialized I.T. business consulting.

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posted by Denice Villegas

Forward Attempts to Breakout

4 June 2014

The monthly activity is something we all look forward to here in Forward Solutions and this time we've done something new. Instead of the usual sports and parties, we’ve decided to think outside the box and guess what? Somehow we ended up trapped inside a box for 45 minutes without an initial clue on how to get out. That’s right! We decided to take on the challenge of the Philippines’ very first real life escape room, Breakout Philippines (Breakout)....

posted by Sam Paquiz

Forward Solutions Turns Three

27 February 2014

As Forward Solutions turns a year older, we say goodbye to another fruitful year and welcome a more promising year ahead. We are all excited to celebrate this event as it marks not only the company’s third year anniversary, but also the hard work everyone has put into helping the company reach greater heights. In three short years, we were able to demonstrate our expertise and deliver projects for top corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and international organiza...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Meralco Corporate Partners Launches New Website

30 January 2014

Meralco, the largest electric distribution utility in the Philippines, has entrusted Forward Solutions’ team of web designers and digital marketers with the development and SEO of their Corporate Partners microsite. Meralco’s new website serves as a gateway of communication between the company and its industry partners and customers that represent the top 10,000 corporations in the Philippines. Forward Solutions worked closely with Meralco’s marketing team to establish the Meralco C...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Forward Solutions – 2013 Year in Review

27 December 2013

The ending year 2013 has been a wonderful year for Forward Solutions. It has proven to be a year of growth and innovation as we launched the new face of our website alongside new services to jumpstart our expansion in the Philippine Market.

This year, we introduced several new services under our Digital Marketing arm: the Virtual Guide (an interactive online assistant that brings online customer experience to the next level), Search Engine Opti...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Outsourcing SEO services in the Philippines

24 October 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has taken the world by storm in the recent years and has spread like wildfire making many companies cramming to be on top of the industry they are in on every search result page. It is now becoming an international language as it is talked by many around the world, particularly in the Philippines where one of the biggest SEO industries can be found. Many companies now see the advantages of outsourcing SEO services to other countries that have established h...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

What is SEO in Layman’s Terms?

27 September 2013

Pull up any search engine, key in “SEO” in the search field and you will get thousands of results. SEO is a very broad topic that sometimes we fail to define it in layman’s terms when we are asked to do so. It has been defined countless times that the different versions confuse us. In defining SEO, it doesn’t have to be technical since most of the clients we get are non-technical people. But how do we define SEO in a way that they’d understand? SEO means letting search engine...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

Cheap Web Design Will Cost You More

20 September 2013

Building your brand or product’s online presence is not an easy task. Out of the many media used to communicate on the internet, putting up a website is the most common. However, having a website alone is not enough for you to reach your target audience and that is where search engine optimization (SEO) enters the stage. But prior to SEO, what you need to focus more on is a good web design. Studies would surely support the claim that what most users first look at when visiting...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

5 Things to Include On Your ‘SEO Writing’ Checklist

17 September 2013

Best practices for SEO writing vary among SEO companies that have sprouted like mushrooms in the Philippines and around the world. Each SEO company may have what they call their own “trade secrets” and it may differ from one another. Well, that’s alright because there are too many methodologies or approaches that really work but those that doesn’t work have their fair share, too. This guide will tell you some basic points on how to properly optimize your content. Just...

posted by Ryan Magallanes

4 Common SEO Mistakes

12 September 2013

Many people would agree that mistakes in SEO cannot be fully avoided due to the fact that SEO approaches change from time to time. Search engines may decide to roll out algorithms without our knowing; so what works today may not work tomorrow. It’s very important to be familiar with the most common SEO mistakes so that you can either avoid committing them or learn how to easily recover so you will not fall too far behind.   Here are 4 of the most common SEO mistakes:   ...

posted by Nicole Baldivia

Getting a Cheap SEO Company? Think Again.

11 September 2013

In the wonderful world of SEO services, you will typically find (and be attracted to) many that sells themselves as an “affordable SEO company”; in other words, “cheap SEO company”. All enterprises, whether large or small, want to get as much value from their budget as possible, after all. Cost, as with any business, is also the most typical objection when we try to sell the value of our SEO services.

Here are 3 things to be wary of any c...