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Forward > Blog > The Battle between Web Designers and Web Developers
posted by Ryan Magallanes

The Battle between Web Designers and Web Developers

8 July 2013

Web Designers vs Web Developers - Forward Solutions

These two terms triggered a lot of online discussions and debates over the years. Although they are approximately synonymous, and sometimes interchangeable, there are still many distinctions between Web Designers and Web Developers. If you are applying for a job or planning to hire someone to do your website, it pays to know their difference. Let’s take a closer look.


A Web Designer is?

Web designers take more on the artistic or aesthetic side of creating a website. They see the web differently than other computer experts as they tend to be more involved in the design, usability and marketing of a website. Web designers, at least the really good ones, can pinpoint graphics with low resolution at a glance. These individuals are responsible for bringing colors to the web since they have a deeper understanding of form, design and color best practices. They stretch the borders of the World Wide Web’s framework and bring it to a higher level. Web designers take care of the front end of a website — they understand how sight can stir one’s feelings and what drives people to respond to visual stimulation. They are skilled in graphic design tools and adept on putting together various design techniques and principles to create visually attractive websites.


A Web Developer is?

A web developer (sometimes referred to as programmer) is a code-oriented person who delves more onto the back end of a website. These people are more focused on how a website works than how it looks; they have in-depth knowledge on the use of web forms, databases, and scripts. The works of a developer are usually behind the scenes and not visible to the user. They are more logical and analytical and think about functionality and efficiency. Web developers might not recognize something that is really visually appealing but can tell you why, how, or when something in the website is not working. Their approach is more on simplicity without flashy visuals because they know that it will affect the load time, among other things on the website, and they don’t want that.


Final Words

Many companies still opt to hire dedicated designers to create their design and layout; with the completion of the development still assigned to developers. However, there are few cross breeds who possess great graphic perspective and can back it up with technical knowledge to create the back-end. But the success of a project still lies on meeting the goals. Web design and web development may be defined differently a thousand times, and one may exist without the other, but the combined effect can be the key to the success of your project.


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