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Meralco Corporate Partners Launches New Website

October 20, 2017

Meralco, the largest electric distribution utility in the Philippines, has entrusted Forward Solutions’ team of web designers and digital marketers with the development and SEO of their Corporate Partners microsite. Meralco’s new website serves as a gateway of communication between the company and its industry partners and customers that represent the top 10,000 corporations in the Philippines.

Forward Solutions worked closely with Meralco’s marketing team to establish the Meralco Corporate Partners’ credibility, intensify customer-centricity, expand communication reach, and secure insight and tracking, among others. To achieve these goals, the Forward Solutions’ team turned the microsite into an interactive information and communication portal strategically designed to engage customers.

The new site features a modern, user experience-optimized interface with a straightforward navigation. The microsite’s highpoints include a streamlined design that supports the softer and kinder image of Meralco, and a dynamic content that add credibility to the team as expert energy consultants. The site also features biographies, corporate videos, guides and downloadable materials on available services for corporate customers, to name a few.

Another highlight of the Meralco Corporate Partners website is the online versions of the Power Club magazine that simulates the actual reading experience. Customers can also easily sign up for the official newsletter, known as Power Club Express, to get news and updates sent directly to their inboxes.

Users can also get access to the most valuable tools to the corporate market. It is also where customers can find a relationship manager to get expert consultancy, know more about Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) and power quality, view the bill online, and simulate peak / off-peak rates, among others. Stories of Meralco’s successful partnerships were also made available on the site. Follow this link to visit Meralco’s new website:

Forward Solutions is very proud to achieve another milestone. It only entails the continuous growth of the company as it expands to bigger markets in the Philippines.

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