Unified Monitoring and Evaluation

The Project Brief

Develop a Unified Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation System (URBMES) for DSWD.

The overall objective of the project is to establish an automated, stable monitoring and evaluation system that is able to collect, analyze and disseminate data and information to key stakeholders of DSWD in the Philippines.

The Features and Functionallity

System Dashboard

Shows summary of all forms processed within the DSWD network; tracks progress and status of activities.

Organization Module

Provides a listing of all available department and offices along with assigned personnel.

Data and Forms

Displays a selection of documents and all information entailed to it. Data export is also an option.

Form Generation

Dynamic data filing for submission and validation.

User Management

Provides access to users relative their respective user-rights.

The Takeaway

Internal operations and communications within DSWD were strengthened.