Building a Networked Alliance

The Project Brief

Build a website for GAAV to replace and improve the orgs' existing WordPress blogsite.

GAAV is a network of over 160 actors in 160 countries working to reduce and prevent armed violence worldwide. Its advocacy coordinates communities of practitioners to investigate program and policy solutions that may be key to achieving its goals. The creation of is an effort to provide its stakeholders with a platform for communication and collaboration.

The Features and Functionallity

Homepage Features

Latest organization updates are immediately bannered.

Easy Directory Lookup

Members can easily look up for other member's information.

News Features

Collaborators are kept on the loop with fresh news updates.

Photo Gallery

Users can enjoy viewing their photos.

Collaborative E-Library

Users can easily upload and download resources for collaboration.


We build a smart technology tool allowing you to have a better experience
in finding your home from all perspectives.

Responsive Design

Content Management System

Advanced Search System

The Takeaway

The website was turned into a major communication platform for GAAV to promote peace.


A New Way to Find Your Home


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