Nurturing Education At Home

The Project Brief

Provide Homeschooling Solutions an ecommerce platform to make education more accessible at home.

Homeschooling Solutions, Inc. is in itself an online business that provides learning materials to homeschooling families globally. The e-Commerce served as its primary channel in generating revenue for its business.

The Features and Functionallity

Colorful and Simple

Site visitors are immediately welcomed by featured products available to the market.

Easy Product Selection

Users can easily navigate through product categories that suit their needs.

Product Display

Product display comes with a social media sharing tool and related products suggestions.

Easy to Fill-Out

Check-out forms are designed to ease the payment process.

Audience Interactive

Forums and user discussions are also welcome in the website.

The Takeaway

Homeschooling Solutions continues to grow its market of homeschooling families around the world.