Exploring National Parks Better

The Project Brief

Revamp the NPDC website and roll out stand-alone microsites for Paco and Rizal Park.

NPDC is a government arm designated by the Department of Tourism to oversee the preservation of national heritage and socio-cultural education in the Philippines. The website revamp is an effort to attract a more youthful audience to the site.


The Features and Functionality

Screen-wide Banner

Banners highlight aesthetically pleasing photographs of historic structures.

Reservation and Registration

Venues and events can be reserved and registered with its online registration forms.

2D Geographic Map

Users can navigate through an interactive map for directions.

Career Gateway

Online application for job opportunities with their organization is right at your fingertips.

Internal System

Also developed an intranet that can internally and virtually manage their organization.


We build a smart technology tool allowing you to have a better experience
in finding your home from all perspectives.

Responsive Design

Content Management System

Advanced Search System

The Takeaway

The accomplishment of the sites completed NPDC’s checklist of the 2002 mandated e-Government System implemented
to highly support a transformative e-Governance in the country.


A New Way to Find Your Home


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