Building a Networked Society

The Project Brief

Create a companion website to promote the advocacy of UNDP's N-peace Network.

The N-Peace network is a society of over 2000 men and women across the Asia-Pacific Region who are proactively seeking to advance Women, Peace & Security (WPS) issues. The project aims to strengthen the ties between advocates, partners, and a much more diverse network of people on the internet.

The Features and Functionality

Dynamic Banner

Highly important updates can be featured directly on the website banner.

Electronic Voting

Has the ability to count and process voting results on real time.

News and Updates

Constantly changing content are pooled together.

Easy File Upload

Registered users can publish and share documents of different format.

Content Management

Administrators can access a back-end dashboard for site management.


We build a smart technology tool allowing you to have a better experience
in finding your home from all perspectives.

Responsive Design

Content Management System

Advanced Search System

The Takeaway furthered increase collaboration among international
members of the network. It was also instrumental to the successful
execution of the annual N-peace Awards.


A New Way to Find Your Home


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