Making Business with Pop Culture

The Project Brief

Enable an eCommerce business for French clothing line Street Swagg.

Street Swagg is a clothing brand in France by french rap figure La Fouine who, by then had a growing fandom across the west. Having a strong following on the internet, the artist took his merchandise business into an online venue where fans can easily access and enjoy the popular culture of rap and swag.

The Features and Functionality

Comprehensive Navigation

Product photos are immediately showcased on the navigation providing users a much better experience of online shopping.

Complete Information

Product information are thoroughly presented with directive calls-to-action strategically placed for easy shopping.

Shopping Cart

Users find it easy to shop with a shopping cart that automatically previews the list of items they are about to purchase.

Activity Tracking

Users have the ability to see and backtrack all activities they have made on the site including items they purchased in the past.

Back-end Dashboard

Administrators get a wider snapshot on how well they can manage the online business, the dashboard has tools to show.


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Responsive Design

Content Management System

Advanced Search System

The Takeaway

The eCommerce business earned a huge uptake from avid fans after it was launched. It eventually brought La Fouine better and bigger sales.


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